Denmark travel guide

Most often, tourists come to the capital of the Kingdom of DenmarkCopenhagen. And in this, they end their journey with this country. But there are many interesting places worthy of attention: in Denmark, you can definitely stay longer. About themin our selection.

Eresun bridge 

This is a true piece of architectural art, which combines the latest technology and the idea of environmental protection. The bridge was built to reduce transport links between the two countriesDenmark and Sweden. The construction of the Eresun bridge cost a lot of moneyboth countries spent about 2.6 billion euros.

A unique feature of the structure is that in the center, the bridge simply disappears underwater. Such a nonstandard solution, which has no analogs in the world, was made in order not to damage the population of a rare species of mollusks. Installing supports could damage the soil in which they live. This perfectly illustrates how Scandinavians feel about preserving the environment.

Due to the high cost of the bridge, travel on it is also expensive: by car in both directionsfrom 60 euros. But there is a system of discounts and subscriptions used by residents. You can find uptodate information on the cost of travel and the purchase of tickets and season tickets from the official website of the Eresun bridge. There is also information about the status of the bridge and traffic on it.


The third largest city in Denmark is known for the birth of the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. There is a large museum in the city dedicated to the writer, where you can remember the plots of all fairy tales and see the props. There is also a small house where the author lived from 2 to 14 years. In general, on the streets of Odense there are 18 sculptures dedicated to the heroes of fairy tales. The city also has a wonderful open-air museum called “Funske Selo”. There you can see the houses of peasants of the 18-19 centuries and get acquainted with their way of life. Allocate 1 day to explore Odense to be able to explore all the places of this magical city.

Maine White Cliffs

Quite close to Copenhagen (130 km) is the Isle of Man with unique white cliffs. They are considered the main and most beautiful attraction in Denmark. The coast with these rocks stretches for 6 km. Their peculiarity is in color, it is rich white and the rocks are clearly visible even in cloudy weather. Geologically, these rocks were formed 70 million years ago at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, as a result of tectonic shifts, they rose to the surface. On the one hand, they are surrounded by the sea, and on the other, by the forest. To go down to them, you will have to go through rather steep wooden steps. In the beginning, there is even a warning that people with heart problems are not recommended to go down. And on the shore you will see many people who are looking for somethingthey are trying to find seafood that is thrown ashore after a storm. Some shells are said to be so valuable that they are even sold. We could not find anything of value but admired the calm and cold Baltic Sea. A must visit this place if you love nature.

Viking Ship Museum

Denmark is home to the harsh Vikings who were powerful warriors and invaders. They had good equipment and modern weapons and a navy at the time. In the construction of ships, the Vikings had no equal, because it was with their help that they discovered new lands. The ships date back to the 11th century, and thanks to them, one can imagine how the Vikings went to sea and sailed to the shores of Greenland. If you are interested in Scandinavian history, then you should definitely come here. On the territory of the museum, there is even an opportunity to take a training course with the management of these ships. The main difficulty lies in the fact that earlier the Vikings used quadrangular sails, which are difficult to control, and today no one uses them anymore. There are also workshops in the museum where they can teach you how to build ships exactly as the Vikings did. Full information on courses, current exhibitions, prices, and opening hours can be found on the museum’s official website.

Frederiksborg Castle

Denmark is a kingdom with an interesting history. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are majestic castles almost everywhere here, which are very well preserved. Frederiksborg Castle stands out from all because it was here that the coronations of Danish monarchs were held and meetings of the orders of knights took place here. The castle was built in 1620 in the Dutch Renaissance style. It is the largest Renaissance complex in Scandinavia. It is located on three small islands of Castle Lake in the town of Hillered.

Billund Legoland

The Legoland amusement park will be interesting for both children and adults. This park was the first of all Legolands and was built in the homeland of the Lego constructor in Billund. In 1934, the first Lego toy appeared, and already in 1949, the first Lego bricks saw the light of day. Today it is the largest Legoland in the world, which consists of almost 46 million cubes of various sizes. The park is divided into thematic blocks, each of which is intended for children of a certain age. Allocate the whole day, buy tickets in advance, and try to come to the park as early as possible. During the summer season, the number of people interested is so great that sometimes the doors of the park are closed because it is overcrowded.

Desert Rabjerg mile

Not far from the town of Skagen in Denmark, there is a real desert with dunes. Of course, it cannot be compared with the Sahara, but it is interesting because its dune is in constant motion. The area of the desert is only 2 square kilometers, and the height is about 40 m. It moves in the direction of the sea 15 m per year and disappears into the waters. When the time comes when it completely disappears into the waters, so hurry up to see this miracle of nature. About 250 thousand people visit the desert annually. The sand of this dune is white and similar in size to the sand of the Saharavery fine. As in a real desert, snakes live here, which can only be seen when you start walking on the sand. It is a very unusual place where it is good to sit down and enjoy the incredible landscapes to your heart’s content